Sale Leaseback Program

Working Capital

Is your equipment working as hard as it can for your business?  You might think so but there is often hidden potential there.  An overlooked gem by many business owners is the untapped equity in their equipment.

Working Capital = Sale Leaseback

Through a sale leaseback structure, you can pull cash from your equipment to spend on whatever your business needs are.  You benefit not only by your increased capital but also through a tax-deductible lease repayment structure.

The process is simple……..

We evaluate the equipment being pledged to judge what kind of market value the equipment has.  Depending on the credit and financial condition of the business, business owners can often see anywhere from 60% to 100% of the equipment value back in working capital.  We facilitate an equipment lease with affordable tax-deductible repayment terms and at the end of the term, the equipment ownership returns to the business owner.

With a good repayment history, renewing the sale leaseback is often an option if more working capital is needed later.

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