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    Is your business ready for greener solutions that can improve energy efficiencies and reduce power consumption without negatively impacting production?
  • Go Green Capital Solutions

  • Go Green Capital Solutions

Commercial Solar Financing

Is your business reaching its fullest potential?

Interested in greener solutions that can improve energy efficiencies and
reduce power consumption without negatively impacting production? 

Do you seek ways to reduce your utility expense that effectively improves your bottom line? 

Are you considering making changes to reduce or eliminate your businesses’ carbon footprint left on the environment? 

Are you interested in talking with someone that can help analyze energy use,
recommend products, identify programs and incentives and facilitate financing and insurance? 

You’re in the right place!  We can help!

About Us

Go Green Capital Solutions

With over 30+ years in the equipment leasing industry, we have well established relationships with banking institutions, private lenders, finance and leasing companies.  A wide range of products and financial solutions that fit almost any situation.  From a $20,000 LED retrofit to a $10 million+ complete grid replacing energy generating solution, we can help.

With a major shift in the past decade, our focus has been devoted to greener technologies and energy efficiencies.  We are well versed in today’s products as well as programs and tax incentives that help businesses make the leap to a cleaner impact on the environment.

Don’t worry if this is all new to you.  We have the support that can help you understand what, why and where to implement cost saving and environmentally safe solutions.  Then we can help you financially support the process to completion.


What We Offer

Financial Products

We have a wealth of financial products at the ready to support almost any situation. 

From small business to large manufacturing plants, churches, schools and municipalities, we can present solutions.

Types of financing include: Equipment Leasing, Finance Agreements and Energy Service & Power Purchase Agreements.

Programs & Tax Incentives

As of August 16, 2022, the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act brings a wealth of tax incentives to encourage commercial solar growth and expansion. The ITC credit has returned to its original 30%. Alongside newer tax credit incentives, such as domestically resourced materials at 10% and geographically identified low income zones, companies may have the opportunity to yield another 10% in credits.

Another new feature of the IRA allows for nonprofit entities to take advantages of the 30% ITC credit in the form of a direct payment. 

Please reach out to us for more information.

Equipment Insurance

You’ve made the decision to be kinder to the environment.  Now, protect your investment.  We have insurance products that are competitive and can be put in place quickly.


Preferred Solar Dealer Partnerships

Are you a business owner ready to go solar but now sure which solar dealer to use?  We currently work with over a 1,000 commercial solar dealers nationwide.  Let us help you select a reputable partner to do the job at a competitive price point.

Are you a commercial solar dealer interested in becoming a preferred dealer and partner with us?  Reach out to us and let’s discuss the possibilities. 

Go Green Capital Solutions

Providing a financial foundation for your green energy projects.

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Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and proudly serving most North American markets. Call us today so we can help you Go Green!

Go Green Capital Solutions

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